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Inspired by Our Children & Their Needs

Sensory integration is the process through which we sense the world around us. We use our sensory organs to receive information and, on a higher level, we organize it so we understand our surroundings and respond appropriately.
Autism’s symptoms often include difficulty processing sensory information such as textures, sounds, smells, tastes, brightness and movement. These difficulties can make ordinary situations feel overwhelming. As such, they can interfere with daily function and even isolate individuals and their families.

A New Purpose Was Born

Until recently, the Bizzy Beez – A Sensory Adventure was housed and part of the Spotted Zebra Learning Center, a contemporary, state of the art, year-round, integrated preschool program. However, families quickly started requesting more services, more support and more resources. Hence the Bizzy Beez - A Sensory Adventure was reborn and relocated to its own space.

Bizzy Beez- A Sensory Adventure has expanded its purpose. In addition to being a sensory gym that offers children a safe environment to play and refine their ability to respond to sensory situations, it is now a place that employs licensed therapists who can provide pediatric therapy. It is now a place that offers enriched programs and workshops that directly support the child’s development and empowers the family to have more knowledge and understanding on how they can support their child. It is now a retail location that provides families with innovative, cutting edge products to support their child at home.

The Capital Region has been asking for a place like Bizzy Beez – A Sensory Adventure……and here it is! Ta Da!!!!

Sheri Canfield
Founder & Executive Director

Did You Know?

Bizzy Beez Sensory Adventure
Bizzy Beez

Gymnasium Play

  • Open Gym

    In both the Hive and the Serenity Room
    Tuesday-Friday 9am-2pm
    Saturday 9am-1pm
    (Closed Monday's for Open Play)

  • Open Play Pass
    +$8 per sibling
  • Punch Card
    10 Day Passes for $100
    (No Expiration)
Is a great place for

Field Trips

Available to private and public schools, parent groups, daycares, therapists running private groups and all others.
  • $100 for up to 10 children
  • $7.50 for each additional child
  • 90 minutes and includes a Fun Coach and organized activities
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    Saturday 9am-1pm

    For additional programs and their times of operation, please contact Bizzy Beez at (518) 599-5604.

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